At Waterjet Designers, We Work On The Cutting Edge, In Every Sense Of The Word.

Waterjet Designers was born from Contractor’s Tile Co., Inc., which has provided high quality craftsmanship in cutting materials such as granite, marble, and tile since 1962. In their 55+ years of operation, 3 consecutive generations have owned and operated Contractors Tile, making it one of Nashville’s oldest family run businesses.

In 1985, Contractors Tile began to expand their services on a national level, branching out state by state. As their services and customer base grew, so too did demand for their premium waterjet cutting services. Eventually, this demand reached critical mass, and Waterjet Designers was born.

Waterjet technology is making big waves in the world of industrial cutting. As the name suggests, we use fine, high-powered streams of water to cut through materials like a razor. These streams of water are extremely high-pressure, and cut through just about anything, from metals to stone. We are proud to be an industry leader here in Nashville, and we’d be happy talk to you about your next big project!